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Parking Fury

Parking Fury is an amazing driving game to show off your parking skills. Enjoy Different levels having different parking spots and setup. Try to avoid the obstacles and of course, watch out for other cars while parking. If you crash too many times then you have to restart the level from scratch. Keep an eye on the directional arrows too as they can help you find your parking space!

parking fury


  • A 2D top-down view car parking game
  • Arrow indicators to help you find the parking spot
  • Automatically changing cars and need to park several cars on each level
  • Can only hit the car five times
  • 10 levels to run through with different difficulty level

How to play Parking Fury?

Use WASD or arrow keys to drive turn your car. Follow the arrows and park your car inside the yellow rectangle. Drive your car into the highlighted parking space and move on to the next car. Don’t hit the walls or other parked cars!


Parking Fury was developed by Frees (Andriy Pidvirnyy) and released as a Flash game in April 2016 and The HTML5 version has been available since July 2017. The music was made by Kevin Macleod. You can play this game on Web browser of both desktop and mobile.


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