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Lordz.io is a multiplayer survival io game playable online for Free. Collect gold,build your empire by starting as a lonesome lordz. Defense your base by creating various military units. And be careful of other players that are going to smash you. Play this competitive survival game with your friends and enjoy.


Recruit soldiers, archers, and barbarians in your crew to build an empire! In Lordz io dragons will protect you from attackers. Gather battlefield gems by killing nearby units. Enter the battlefield to fight against 20 real players from all over the world when you have enlisted Knights, Archers, Soldiers, Barbarians, Mages, and even Dragons into your massive army. Gather a huge army, protect your base, get gold, join teams, upgrade your skins, and much more to do with friends. Can you become the king in Lordz io?

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How to play Lordz io?

Build your team with 7 unique types of troops including: knights, Mages, barbarians, archers, and best dragons. Plan your strategy to defeat your enemies. Split your army on the map to move faster or to defeat other lords.

Build a Little Empire

Introduce your opponents to the power of magic with mages by building mage towers. Try to expand your little empire by building houses for soldiers, archers, knights, and more powerful units. Thus building several buildings will help you o expand your power.

Also, build castle walls around the base to keep enemy lords away and protect your assets. Keep your base standing by making defenses.

Earn Currency

Earning gold is a key part of the game which will make you wealthy lordz. Build gold mines on deposits, buy fire-breathing dragons. You can also do this by collecting coins. You can upgrade gold mines with gold like any other building. keep highly upgraded structures and skins under close guard!

Battle Lords

When you have a strong army attack on other lords. Destroy their buildings and loot when they’re away on business. Take down enemy gold mines for consequential rewards. Get rich and use the currency to splash out on your dragons.


Lordz.io was developed by Spinbot Studio from Paris, who has also made Squadd.io The game was released on November 2017. This is their first game on FNF HUB!


This game is playable online without download as an HTML5 game on :

  1. Desktop browser
  2. Android


  • Use the mouse to control the lordz
  • E to build a house
  • R to build a tower
  • T to call a soldier
  • Y to call for a knight
  • U to summon archer
  • I to call barbarian
  • O to summon dragon
  • Space bar to split army on map


Our mission of this website is to make Friday Night Funkin and IO Games more accessible to players all around the world that can’t play it on PC , on MacBook , on their Linux or simply can’t run EXE files on their system .Also helping to save hard drive storage .If you find any ambiguity on this online port then try to get PC version if you have a PC. Don’t forget to share It with your friends.

As always Good Luck and Enjoy the Life!



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