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Friday Night Funkin B-Side Remixes

FNF B Side mod for Friday Night Funkin where bf battle with B sides to beat and win the battle. Get ready to sing along with 18 talented remixed songs made with care to the delight of the fans! Replay the first 6 weeks and face the cult opponents in the ultimate FNF Clash. The graphics have also been changed to give a more flashy tone to the different characters as well as the backgrounds.

fnf b side

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How to Play B Side Remixes FNF?

To Play Online Friday Night Funkin Vs B side mod on your PC when the arrows are on the top arrow and the Arrow Marks are coming from below, then press the exact arrows as notes reach the judgment line. Enter Key is used to Start or Pause the game.


  • Control your character with WASD or Arrow Keys in FNF B Side Mod.
  • Keep up! and defeat your enemies with the Up, Down, Left, and Right buttons. Press Esc to exit.

Remix Credits:

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  • Gettin’ Freaky , Tutorial ,Fresh – Rozebud
  • Bopeebo, Spookeez ,Pico – JADS
  • South, Philly ,Blammed– Rozebud
  • Satin Panties – JADS
  • M.I.L.F. High , Breakfast– Rozebud
  • Lunchbox – JADS
  • Game Over – Rozebud

Original FNF Credits:

  • Programming–ninja_muffin99 , KadeDev
  • ARTISTS – PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r
  • TASTY-ASS MUSIC — kawaisprite
  • AND thanks to every person who contributed to GitHub source.


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