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FNF Squid Game 1.5

This mod of Friday Night Funkin is inspired by the famous Netflix series, Squid Game and offers a demo of one song during which you can face one of the mysterious pink soldiers. While Boyfriend and Girlfriend were supposed to play the first survival game, Boyfriend will rap battle  with one of the soldiers after breaking the rules. The latter accepted and you will have to win the rap battle against him if you want to survive.

fnf squid game

If Boyfriend wins the squid game, all this debt will be paid off and win a lot of money, but the price for lost the game is very high
The mod is a demo, other songs are planned if the success is great.

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How to Play Squid Game FNF?

To Play Online Friday Night Funkin Vs Squid mod on your PC when the arrows are on the top arrow and the Arrow Marks are coming from below, then press the exact arrows as notes reach the judgment line. Enter Key is used to Start or Pause the game.


  • Control your character with WASD or Arrow Keys in FNF squid Mod.
  • Keep up! and defeat your enemies with the Up, Down, Left, and Right buttons. Press Esc to exit.

Mod Credits:

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  • Original FNF Credits:
  • Programming–ninja_muffin99 , KadeDev
  • ARTISTS – PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r
  • TASTY-ASS MUSIC — kawaisprite
  • AND thanks to every person who contributed to GitHub source.

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