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Agma io is an online MMO action game inspired by the original Agar featured to play at FNF HUB. You start as a small blob, and your mission is to eat other, smaller cells to grow larger. The ultimate goal is to make it as big as possible and defeat the rest of the opponent players. Consume the enemy cells and become an unstoppable force of nature!


Choose a unique skin and take control of a small ball. You have to eat small dots scattered throughout the multiplayer map, and then the participants in the battle themselves, when you are enough bigger than them. You can also play in full-screen mode if you want a better gaming experience. No Download required ,Play online for free in your browsers and enjoy with lot of fun!

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HOW TO PLAY Agma io ?

Collect shining and colorful dots faster when you are big enough. You can also use the separation skill to survey a large area. But you will be easy prey for other enemies at this stage. The best way is to split out the mass in the direction of movement to become tiny and more agile.


This gameplay agmaio is simple but you’ll have to use your instincts and play tactically. Consume small cells and move around the battlefield map. When you are big enough, you can take on / kill other players too.


Along with cosmetic upgrades, there are various in-game boosts you can use to give yourself a stylish single-cell organism look. Apply a variety of skins to this beautiful battlefield of evolution.

Platform :

The game agmaio was first released in September 2017. From June 2018 it has a Battle Royale mode. And can be played on :

  • Mobile and Desktop (Web Browser)
  • iOS


  1. Mouse = to control balls
  2. Space bar = split in Two
  3. E = instant recombine
  4. W = shoot a small ball
  5. Escape = Pause / Quit the game

Credits and Thanks

  • mladjaart Amazing artist
  • Dyna : Designing
  • SurakAtticus : vision
  • Kevin :For supporting agma
  • Mikasa :For bringing new colors to the forum


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