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how to make metal in little alchemy


Little Alchemy is a popular game of puzzles that lets players to mix various elements to make new ones. One of the most important elements of this game is the metal element, as it functions as a building block to many other elements. In this tutorial we’ll walk your through the steps of creating the metal component in Little Alchemy with detailed instructions for each step and advice.

I. Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Little Alchemy

A. Elements and Combinations Little Alchemy features a wide array of elements which can be combine to create new combinations. Every combination follows a clear and simple pattern, making it an enjoyable and entertaining game for all different ages.

B. Metal as a key ingredient Metal is a key component within Little Alchemy, serving as a key component in various combinations. When you understand how to make metal, you will be able to unlock many new possibilities in the game.

II. The elements that are required to begin the process of creating Metal

A. Earth Start by making earth, the most fundamental ingredient that is the basis of Little Alchemy. Combine water and fire to make steam, after that, steam is combined with earth, creating the new element call land.

B. fire: Fire can be describe as an additional vital element. Mix both air and oxygen to produce pressure. Then, combine pressure and pressure to create energy. Finally, mix the energy and fire to create the element of fire.

III. Combining Elements to Make Metal

A. Stone: Mix water and earth to make mud and then mix mud with fire to create stone. Stone is an intermediate element need to make metal.

B. The combination of fire and stone: Mix stone and fire to form metal. This symbolises how stone transforms into a metallic form.

IV. Tips and Tricks to Improve Gameplay

A. Explore different combinations: Little Alchemy encourages players to play around with different combinations of elements. Do not be afraid to test new combinations and discover the possibilities in the game.

B. Use Hints and Tips If you are stuck or struggling to advance, Little Alchemy provides hints and clues that will help you navigate to success. Use these helpful tools to conquer your obstacles.

C. Be creative and think Outside the Box The most unlikely combinations produce amazing outcomes. Be open-minded and think about combinations that are not conventional to uncover new possibilities.

V. Additional explorations, and advanced combinations

A. Stone + Metal: Mix stone and metal to make a blade, an element of advanced technology which allows further combinations.

B. Metal and Blade Mix the blade and metal to form a sword, an incredibly powerful element that is associated with medieval and weaponry themes.

C. Metal + Human: Mix metal and human in the creation of tools, which represents the use of metal for making essential tools to support human civilisation.


Making metal creating metal in Little Alchemy is a pivotal step in unlocking an array of fascinating elements in the game. If you follow the steps laid out in this tutorial and using your creativity, you will be able to explore the world of alchemy and combine elements to produce intriguing and exciting discoveries. Have fun exploring the process and explore the possibilities available to you! See Our Trending Blogs astro a40 tr headset + mixamp pro 2017.


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