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how to make big in little alchemy 2


how to make large in Little Alchemy 2. Little Alchemy 2 is a fun puzzle game where you can combine different elements to create distinctive items. One of the interesting items that you can design in the game is “big.” In this tutorial, we’ll explain the step-by-step process for creating “big” within Little Alchemy 2. Let’s begin!

Initial Elements

Before we begin, it’s important to know the fundamental elements we’ll need to build “big.” The game Little Alchemy 2, you begin with four elements: fire air, earth water, earth, and fire. These elements serve as the foundation for creating more intricate objects.

Step 1. Create Time

To advance towards the next step and unlock more elements, you’ll need to work hard. Mix the components of earth and fire to create the lavas. Lava is the principal element needed for the various mixtures within the process of making big in small alchemy.

Step 2. Making Stone

After you’ve lava, mix them to create stone. Stone is an essential element that serves as a base for many different combinations, like making “big.”

Step 3. Injecting Pressure

In order to begin making “big,” you’ll need to produce pressure. Mix stone and air to form sand. Then, combine the air and sand to create the pressure component.

Step 4: Building Earth

Earth is a key component of the process which creates the process “big.” Mix pressure and stone to make earth. Earth is used with other elements in the end product.

Step 5: Creating Mountain

After you have the soil mix it with the earth to form the mountain. Mountains play a crucial role in the creation of many products and also include one final “big” ingredient.

Step 6. Create Time Once

It is crucial to keep in mind the importance for timing when playing this game. To continue to create “big,” create time by mixing the elements of earth and fire again. You’ve probably seen the mix from Step 1.

Step 7: Creating Continent

Combining the various elements from time and earth to create a continent. A continent is a huge space of land that is a crucial element to create”the “big” element.

8. Making Planet

In order to create”The Big” component, the “big” component that is the “big” element, you’ll have to build an entire globe. Mix continents with continents to form an earth. A planet is an important element of the final mixture.

Step 9: Creating Space

To make you “big” combination to complete the “big” combination, you’ll require space. Combine planets and air to create space. Space is the final component required to create the final end result.

10. Design Big

Finally combine space and planets in order to make “big” with Little Alchemy 2. Congratulations! You’ve completed your goal of the “big” component!


In this thorough guide, we’ve covered the steps needed to make “big” the big one in Little Alchemy 2. By combining elements such as time stone, tension, mountain and space. and finally, a huge you’ve uncovered some of the more thrilling aspects that the game offers. Little Alchemy 2 provides endless possibilities for exploration and exploration. Enjoy and don’t forget to explore the possibilities of new combinations! See Our Trending Blogs muctau.


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