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How Safe is Hands-Free Technology While Driving?

Most drivers will concur that using their phones to make calls while driving, send emails while driving, or text while driving are risky activities that divert their focus from the road. Many drivers use hands-free technology in the hope of avoiding these distractions, believing that it is a safer option.

The truth is that you continue to drive while distracted even while using hands-free technology. Actually using a phone while driving is not safe. Distracted driving accidents can be fatal, so if you believe the collision you were wounded in was caused by a distracted driver, it’s crucial to talk about the specifics with your auto accident lawyer.

Distractions Aren’t Eliminated by Hands-Free

With the help of hands-free technology, you can use your phone to make calls, send texts, get directions, or do anything else you might need to do while driving without having to physically pick it up and handle it.

A Bluetooth earpiece, a dashboard system like Apple CarPlay, or just the speakerphone and microphone on your phone can all accomplish this. Theoretically, you could speak a text message to your phone or have it read to you, instruct it to call a contact, and take calls without removing your hands from the wheel. In truth, even though there may be less “button pushing” involved than merely speaking on your phone, you still need to pay attention to the concerned screen. It’s more complicated than just striking up a conversation.

Statistics on hands-free driving when distracted

The National Safety Council reports that using a cell phone while driving accounts for 24% of all accidents. According to the NSC, your brain’s capacity to interpret moving visuals falls noticeably, by up to 33%, when listening to or conversing on the phone. The NSC study also shows that even when a motorist keeps both hands on the wheel and their eyes fixed on the road, they miss 50% of what is going on around them if they are conversing on a hand-held device.

The use of hands-free devices while driving is remains exceedingly dangerous, according to several studies. Adults who drive while intoxicated are statistically less risky than drivers who talk on the phone while driving, according to a 2006 study from the University of Utah. That does not imply that drinking and driving is secure. The exact opposite. The study’s main finding is that texting while driving is significantly riskier. Similar findings have been made in other research, and the television programme Mythbusters supported the findings, indicating that intoxicated drivers do better on a driving course than those using hands-free gadgets.

What About Interacting with People While Driving?

Why isn’t using a hands-free device safe if talking to others while driving is? Are they not the same? According to the National Safety Council, this comparison is not fair. Also, passengers will keep an eye on the road and alert drivers to any hazards they might miss. Even though your hands are on the wheel when you multitask, you are not fully “present” in the automobile when you are driving. Even if the passenger isn’t necessarily paying attention to the road, a face-to-face talk will still retain the driver’s focus on the task at hand.

A Distracted Driver Causes a Car Accident

Be sure you are not using a phone while driving, not even while using hands-free technology. Your vehicle accident lawyer can help you receive the compensation you are if you are in a collision with a motorist who was using a gadget, whether it was hands-free or not. It’s crucial to gather as much information as you can at the crash site, if possible. You should also let your lawyer know that you think using a phone while driving contributed to the accident. What to do next will be suggested by your attorney.

It’s crucial to keep your eyes and thoughts on the road while driving at all times. Individuals who attempt to multitask while driving pose a risk to other road users, and they should be held accountable if they cause an accident. We want you to know that you are entitled to just compensation if you were hurt in a car accident that wasn’t your fault and is currently experiencing financial difficulties as a result. There are conditions that may apply to your claim if the motorist who caused your collision was in any way distracted, even when using a hands-free device. Call Arthur Law Company at (419) 782-9881 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your auto accident. See Our Trending Blogs Lifestyle.


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